Thursday, January 28

You see I see

Sweaters... next to dresses and frilly skirts - are my favorite!!! I love winter - and sometimes I can be caught in mid-summer wrapped up in a cute cardigan!!! That's just the way I sweater sleeves up. haha

Do you remember when I went to Athens after Thanksgiving? And how Debbie inspired me to hang my sweaters on the back of my dining chairs?

I haven't looked at sweaters the same since then. LOLOL I'm not the only one that sees them differently...

When I was re-setting the "red.neck" space in the antique mall a few weeks ago (bye bye Christmas, welcome winter!) I sure 'nuff thought of the lovely trash diva as I whipped up a pillow to put in my chair...

all it needs now is one of Jenn's corsages!!! Yeah, that was a blatant hint that I want one of those Jenn.  LOL

And have you seen what Troy has been up to?  Fantastic mind... fantastic junk...

I wonder what would happen if I hang my sweater on my lamp?  Hmmm..... Did you know that Troy and Rod are here in Waco? (I saved the BEST fact about Waco for last!) Well, they aren't here this week-end 'cause they are in Canton - but they live here and create great things here and you HAVE to go peruse their warehouse!!!  In the meantime - you should go see the two masterminds in Canton... looks to me they have a load of the coolest of cool stuff... and sweaters to!!!

So... do you WEAR your sweaters or do you DECORATE with your sweaters?  What do you make with them?

Comin' to you LIVE from a warm single-wide 'cause I hung my sweater from the ceiling fan... hee-hee
;-)  Robelyn
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