Saturday, January 16

When I grow up...

Pssssttt.... hey you, red.neck reader:

This is me - "the girl's" single-wide coming to you live!  From myself.  I would like to have a chat with you regarding what "the girl" puts me through - almost on a weekly basis.  It is torture and general chaos. *sigh*

See, "the girl" comes bouncing through the front door (which is painted cherry red, but subject to change on a minor whim) - pretty much on a daily basis - plotting and planning about changin' somethin' or other because she got inspired by you house people with basements and such (I am shaking my hitch at you in disgust).  I shudder and shake because I KNOW that I'm fixin' to have a wall moved, carpet taken up... cabinet handles replaced or a very large piece of furniture will be scooted across my delicate skin - then scooted back because that just wasn't the way "the girl" thought it looked best.  Happens all the time.  I needed a dermatologist a few years back but she thinks her and her paint cans qualify.


Let me tell you why I'm talkin' today...

I don't know if you know this about "the girl" but she's a freak for mid century modern ANYTHING.  And, for some reason the crazy girl thinks I need to no longer be a single-wide, but instead, a mid century modern marvel. She has tried for a few YEARS to remove the red.neck out of my VERY BONES and whip me into shape.  Hasn't worked... My axles are my favorite shoes and you know how a girl is about her fav.o.rite pair of heels.  But that doesn't stop her from trying anyway.

So she fiddles around...

Moves things around...

Whips out her paint cans and staple guns and power saws...

Fabric and Accessories... *stuph*

And drags in new old furniture so that she can turn around and do something else with the old old furniture.  She's discovered some new shopping spot up in Poetry, Texas that's owned and operated by this other girl named Mindy who seems to be catering - and I mean... CATERING on a silver platter! to "the girl's" desire to turn me into some modern marvel.  *sigh*

Could you PLEASE go visit that Mindy and have a lil' chat with her so I can have a lil' peace of mind?  Mindy hasn't even met me yet and here she is helpin' "the girl" bend me to her will - sending her home with chairs and such. Then I get a whole ear full about fabric, gel stain - "I could do THIS" or "I could do THAT" or "oh my gosh - wait 'til I get this done - it's going to rock!"

I'm just a single-wide... but the crazy girl keeps trying to make me grow up into some red.neck version of mid century modern funky ('cause her style is very much her own...) chic castle - and now she's got a favorite shopping spot....  Help?!

All of the photos you have been seeing I yanked down off of her "inspiration" board... and "the girl" found them all at apartment therapy and here.
Comin' to you LIVE from...well...myself.
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