Tuesday, July 6

Carolyn - LIVE!

Are you going? You have to go... PLEASE tell me you are going... have you met Carolyn yet? You have to go... she'll be there starting TONIGHT at 4pm - THEN all the way through the 24th!!! Have I asked you if you have met Carolyn yet?

I have... but that's for another post where I will wax poetic for hours and hours on end.  Go meet her in the next couple of weeks so that when I DO wax poetic for hours and hours on end you can shake your head in absolute agreement!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wondering if Carolyn would notice my single-wide parked in her front yard... when she DOES notice it I'll tell her that she HAS to prettify it in the way only she can do, just to get it out of her way!)... hee-hee
;-) robelyn
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