Saturday, July 10

Totally Dazed...

Repurposed Vintage

Grandmother's Castaway Jewelry...

And Found Objects.

Now I ask you, who could put it all together ANY better than the one-of-a-kind Lulu?!!?  I read her blog (she cracks me up so much (and gets in WAY more trouble than I ever could!) I usually read and re-read it) - NOW I've spent I don't know HOW many days on her new web-site!!!  I can't believe I'm telling you how to get there... geesh!  I can't decide what piece needs to be hanging 'round my neck and it's making me fruity:

do I get the pink flower "ballet" necklace or the sparklin' "Fairy Princess"... or she has a "blue cameo" that makes me squeal... or I like...

heck, I can't decide.  You should go check out Lulu - just so I'm not alone in the "I can't make a decision!" dilemma I've got goin' on here at the single-wide.  Annnnnnnnd that's 'bout ALL I have goin' on here at the single-wide... what are you up to this week-end?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm going back to haunt Lulu's new web-site)...hee-hee
;-)  robelyn
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