Friday, July 16

recommended dose of pretty

Anthro gets me every. stinkin'. time.  Not only do they have a million things that need to be hanging in my closet - but their marketing is just... perfect.  The email in my inbox?

Subject: "Your recommended dose of pretty."

I like that!  Short - to the point - and SO dead on.  Did you SEE that blouse?!!? I could wear it to the "EEE's" Pink Lemonade party (even though it's called "High Tea") where I will be drinking pink lemonade through one of these:

FUN!!!  I saw something similar on "style me pretty" and knew it was the PURRFECT accessory for the "custom" pink lemonade glasses!  They looped their ribbon through itself - but I think my ribbon is a lil' thicker because it wouldn't stay - so this is what I did:

and tie it on!  Tie as many colors as you want on!  I used bendy straws 'cause a straw ain't a straw unless you can bend it all directions - but any straw will work!

Perfect for any occasion... even if it is drinking invisible beverages out of white flower vases off of a cinder block...

The red.neck's "recommended dose of pretty."

Have a PRETTY - GORGEOUS - BEAUTIFUL week-end!  What kind of havoc are you going to wreak?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-)  robelyn
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