Friday, July 30

the envelope please...

Hi! It's FRIDAY - ain't THAT a good thang!!!

I was getting everything ready last night for the Pink Lemonade party and - oh NO! - I don't have napkin rings! (thinking cap... thinking cap... ah HA!) I'll just slip 'em in an envelope... 'cause that's what red.necks do! (It was either the envelope or the shirt front...)

I started by cutting a rectangle (PU-LEASE don't make me tell you how big 'cause I can't... maybe just fit it to your napkin?) out of some of that really cool (almost equal to duct tape) Heat - n - Seal.  Oh wait - that's the kitchen stuff.  Hmmmm...

Iron it on the fabric of your choice - cut it out - peel the paper off and iron it on to another piece of fabric of your choice!  I stuck with the same fabric... 'cause... well.... I like to see spots.  Once you have your layers ironed together (have you seen those pink irons they have?  I SEW want one of those!!!) then cut 'em out!

I used a zig-zaggy rotary cutter blade - but it's because I couldn't find my pinking shears.  When I cleaned the la.bor.a.tory they got put away.... hmmmmm....
Once it's cut out - fold the bottom up leaving just enough for a "flap".  I left roughly 2" (I'm not in to measuring - can you tell?), then I pressed the fold and stitched around the 3 "raw" edges with a 1/4" seem allowance!

Press the flap "closed" - then open it back up and...

Fun, right?  I made the napkins out of 12" square pieces of eyelet then just used the zig zag stitch around the edges - if you are not threatening to throw the machine with the 4 spools of thread out the door (not that I ever do this.... *snicker*) then you could use a serger.  But, that would make too much sense.
I loosely fan folded the napkins and slid 'em in!  The icing on the cup cake?

A sweet little burnt up flower bobby pin for the girls!  The "EEE's" are all SO cute with pigtails and headbands and all things little girl... these should be perfect!  After the Pink Lemonade and cupcakes are gone then they can just slide them in the "envelope" for safe storage (and to guard it from one "E" or the other... you know they're going to be nabbin' each others.  LOL)!

Well, I'm off to grab some flowers, bake some strawberry cupcakes (minus the fire department... we hope...), oh - get some pink lemonade and prettify the single-wide!  I hope you have a beautiful week-end!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where yes - I am singing at the top of my lungs "signed, sealed, delivered - I'm yours!!!)...hee-hee
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