Wednesday, November 16

Funky Finds = Funky Fun (part dos)

Set up? Took a lil' bit (and a trip back home)...

Seeing beautiful friends (Jenn & Teri - ya'll rock!) and making new ones? AWEsome!

Funky Finds is always such a wonderfully fun show for me! PLUS - I get the added bonus of seeing Joe and Jessica - the masterminds behind Funky Finds. Jessica's blog is here - facebook here - and some "funky" shoppin' here.

Sending pocketbooks and a various assortment of other red.neck insanity to new homes? FANtastic!

Skinny mirror that's really cheap from Home Depot?

Priceless. You gotta go get one.

I swear - I dropped like 19 sizes in this mirror!!! I'm going today to buy one for each room in my house. Maybe one for my car too. And my office... uhhhh...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where the funniest thing that happened was when my red.neck assistant went to hook the duct tape mobile up to the u-haul... and came back with the wrong trailer. I wonder how much jail time u-haul trailer theft requires? hee-hee
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