Tuesday, November 1

it's a good thing!

Have you been to Home Depot lately? Good grief... one whole end cap full of glittery greatness! I threw on the feet brake. I also stood staring with my jaw hanging open and a glitter in my eye 'til the paint guru asked if I needed help... for the third time.

This discovery of mine does not bode well for my current surroundings.

My refrigerator DOES need a new paint job...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where sew you know... this is not a paid advertisement for Martha or Home Depot (my home away from home.). I am running around with my paint brush in hand and glitter in my hair - glittering anything and everything I see all on my own. THIS STUFF IS FUN!!!  Do you have some yet? By Friday I'm sure I will have each color in my possession... I'll share with you. hee-hee

I wonder what Big Fat Fatty the Cat would look like with glitter highlights? hmmm....
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