Thursday, November 3

whistlin' dixie...

Flag pillows can be spotted EVERYWHERE lately...

and I decided I wanted a flag pillow for my house. But, you know me...

I don't do anything the normal way. Wanna whistle and sew with me?

Just sew I knew what I was doing, "the Mama" found this info. for me:
The confederate flag (Sometimes known as the Southern Cross or the St. Andrew’s Cross) is square (a few rectangles were used by various Confederate commands, but the original design was square). The blue saltire is edged in white on a red background. The stars are of various sizes and arranged in multiple directions. In reproduction flags the stars are all pointing in the same direction. The flag's stars represented the number of states in the Confederacy.

Here we go:
I cut a 16" square of interfacing and ironed it on to a red fabric sample. I used interfacing 'cause this project is going to keep you in stitches and you don't want your fabric to stretch out like Gumby.

I THEN dug out some lace from my  tooooo many piles of junk lace jar and crisscrossed it. My lace is about 3.250" wide.

Stitch it down.

Next - measure and cut some "wonder under" to iron on to the back of your blue fabric. Mine is velveteen which makes it SUPER slippery (I think I have it left over from a velvet Elvis...). Layer it over your white lace:

I measured my blue strips out at 2.250" wide - but it really depends on how big your stars are.

I cheated and used my 2" star punch - but you could free-hand the stars, use star buttons or patches - embroider them... the sky is the limit!  *snicker*
I cut/punched them out of MORE "wonder under" (I like that stuff almost as much as duct tape!), placed them all wiLLy-nILly - ironed 'em...

Voila! The front of your pillow is done! (I made that sound sew easy, right? Allow approximately an hour for this project.) Slice up some denim (I used a denim mini-skirt)...

and make your pillow back - stitch the front to the back (leaving an opening (or overlapping the denim like I did) for your stuffing (*gobble-gobble*)) - then stuff it with whatever you have on hand! I happened to have a feather pillow form I hi-jacked from somewhere... ssssshhhhhhhhh.

I now have my very own flag pillow - MY way! Are you gonna make one? You know you have your rebellious side... don't try to deny it.

TODAY I'm so excited because for the FIRST TIME EVER I'm linking up with Becky at Beyond the Picket Fence. Her blog is one of my VERY favorites - and her Under $100 Linky Party is ALWAYS fun to lurk around on!!!  This pillow? Didn't cost a thing to make...

I am ALSEW linking up over with the lovely Debra at Common Ground for her "Vintage Inspiration Friday"... the 1860s was a LONG time ago! I think I was.... uhmmmm.... 10?  ;-D You should go visit Debra... talk about some inspiration!!!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where a Confederate Battle Flag should fit in superbly with my crystal chandelier and disco ball, right? Oh... and maybe a fur throw... and a granny square afghan... hee-hee

P.S. (And this is very important.) I know there are a number of misconceptions about the Confederate Flag and what it represents. It all boils down to the glorious fight of the states - the economic and political rivalry between an agrarian South and an industrial North. Wanna know more? Read Here and Here! ;-D
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