Thursday, November 10

funky finds = funky fun

well... i'm gettin' loaded up so i can go visit jessica and joe in ft. worth.

did i ever tell you that the very first show i did with red.neck Chic was the funky finds "spring fling"? it was SO much fun - all the shows PRIOR to tappin' in to my inner red.neck required reining myself in. (i know... can you imagine?!)

there will be no stinkin' reins on ME this week-end... you should come see.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... but only 'til tomorrow. then i'll be comin' to you LIVE from the barn in ft. worth!!! hee-hee

May you find a quiet moment this Veteran's day
to reflect on our many blessings:

freedom, family, friendship,
liberty and love.

Remember those who sacrificed for the peace and security of all - thank a soldier... be it Veteran or one currently serving... they have all paid a price for our freedom. Have a wonderful Veteran's Day week-end!

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