Tuesday, November 15

my name is earl.

I'd like to introduce you toooooooooooooo:

he's my new mascot. FUN, right?! Looks just like me.

I kidnapped him at Funky Finds this past week-end, right from this guy:

it was Shawn's birthday! Yes, I made him sit for a picture on his birthday 'cause I'm cool like that.

Get Bent Metal Works... eye candy.

LuLu... I'm not sure why, but this makes me think of you...
I told Shawn when he was unloading that I was pretty sure I wanted one of everything he had - and that was based solely off of the odd things I saw sticking out of his trailer.

I could have adopted and named immediately each and every piece of art Shawn has created...

but, I wouldn't have been leaving anything for you! That's not very fair of me 'cause you need some of this:

and this:

and this.

You can go meet Shawn in San Antonio this week-end at the Christmas Showcase if you missed him in Ft. Worth... it is SO worth your trip!

You will giggle and full-out belly laugh (there's a monkey that says, "help me" on his tag - I laughed out loud! and LOUD!), you will "oooh and aaahhh" over a few pieces - and you will be flabbergasted by Shawn's outrageous creative skillz. You will want them all.

when i saw these i wanted to start singing THIS song...
ALL I tell ya! You could have your own mascot!

Get Bent Metal Works... 'cause you're a little bent. Wait... I'm a little bent.

We are ALL a little bent. Don't deny it.
comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I swear... I'm going to go kidnap Earl's family and take 'em to Warrenton with me in the Spring. Then he won't feel like the lone inmate. And... I think I'm going to find the "My Name Is Earl" series on 8-track DVD... that show cracked me UP! Did you ever watch it? hee-hee
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