Tuesday, December 6

oh my gosh!!!

I forgot to tell you what I did this past Saturday!!!

Cat Daddy came to town.


And, as if THAT isn't the biggest/greatest/most awesome news ever...

he brought Mama Debinator along for the ride!!! I kidnapped that fun-size bundle of joy and mischief as a good red.neck should and proceeded to drag her ALLLLLLL around Waco - fed her a greasy cheeseburger and fries - and we shopped 'til we dropped - then shopped some more!

Then great tragedy struck.
I had to take her back to Kitty Cat Daddy. *sniff*

But, that was a-okay 'cause I got to see Kitty Cat Daddy again.

Just ONE (there were many...) of the places that I took the Trash Talkin' Diva to was Honey's Home+Style (my fav-OH-right place to loiter!) where I loaded up a Christmas tree:

purrrrrrrfect, right?!

Poor Honey... she doesn't realize what I do with her beautiful things... LOL

The next time Cat Daddy and Mama Debinator come back to town I'll let you know in advance... then we can ALL load up in the Tonka truck (once I pull it out of the "snow") and terrorize the town!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where my truck is the ONLY thing under my tree so far... how many days left? hee-hee
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