Thursday, December 8


In OCTOBER of LAST year I wrote about the "Quirky Heirloom Throw" from Anthropologie.

For THAT long I've had it on my mind. Things don't usually stay in/on/around my mind that long... just sayin'. It is GORGEOUS! And I want it! But... the Anthro throw is not an heirloom to me.

Sew I made my own that IS an heirloom to me.

Wanna know why?

Judi Spinetti (the GREATEST of cheerleaders!)
Kim (CEO of A Hillbilly's Life)
Sweet T (CEO of Garden Antqs Vintage)
Mindy (CEO of The Primitique)
"the Mama" (birthplace of the red.neck girl)
Theresa (CEO and creator of AWESOME over at The Old White House)
Mr. Flannery (CEO and "furniture dancer" at Hogs and Roses)
Mama Debinator (CEO and Cat Daddy tamer over at Talkin' Trash)
Malissa (CEO (and secret pin-up girl) over at Pent-Up Photos)

They all spoil me rotten. ROTTEN! Like... canyousmellme ROTTEN!

Between all of these beautiful hearts (and a thrift store for the afghan (I tried to find a white one but it turns out... I don't do white very well and gravitated towards the green!)) I now have my very OWN special/quirky/totally fun heirloom throw!!!

Patches, doilies, vintage trim and buttons... all mixed in together...
from all over the United States...
all sent with love and friendship...
ALL of these things insure that each time I wrap myself up with my throw I will think of each one of you... and my heart will warm up too.

You can make one. You SHOULD make one! Find a crocheted afghan - grab up some doilies and get to stitchin'. If you are more patient than I am you could hand stitch them on... but I apparently need some instant gratification (well... it took about 3-5 hours to fix this "just so") and ran it all through my sewing machine. Easy.

Sew... now I have my very own "Quirky Heirloom Throw". And it's possible I will not come out from under it until next May.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm thinkin' I'm such-a-nerd... I was out photographing this thing in 27 degree weather - crunching through the frozen leaves... SHIVERING non-stop (in my jammies and 3 coats no less) when I SHOULD have been UNDER the blanket in my house - where it's WARM! Quirky my foot... I think I'm brain-frozen.
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