Wednesday, June 15

red.neck Glam

Mama Debinator (aka: Debbie at Talking Trash) thinks I should call the jewelry line that I've always had:

and she's got me thinkin' about tinkering with my bead boxes again...

after I dig them out from under yards of fabric and junk and more fabric.

Fun fact: I've always marked each piece with a lil' "bling" of duct tape and pearl (my signature... so you know I wuz thar!!!)... red.neck. glam. *snicker*

I think Mama Debinator is on to something, don't you?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where you and I already know duct tape rules... and red.neck has always been Chic and glam... it just took Debbie to tape an official name on the sparklin' thangs!!!  hee-hee
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