Monday, March 15

Sparkles and Kisses

Happy Monday!!!

You are just going to have to wait another day to see what I ended up doing with my trailer full (can you say - Sanford and Son? - I think my Step-Dad was skeert I'd made his trailer look bad!) of rusty junky stuff 'cause I have bigger and BETTER to show you today!!! Guess who I had the pleasure of seeing on Saturday in Ft. Worth?

Yep - you are correct!!!  I got hugs and cuddles and grins and kisses from the BEAUTIFUL Ms. Bella (who turned one on Friday!!!) AND guess who's gorgeous creations I had the honor of selling in my booth on Saturday in Ft. Worth?!!?

I got to play hostess to Jenn's "Queen 2 Bishop" line of GORGEOUS sparkles in my booth space!!!  Oh my goodness...

Have you been over to see Jenn?  She is one creative genius - THIS IS A FACT!!!  Each of her pieces were gorgeousness topped with sparkles... and you know how I am about the sparkles!!!

She had each piece with it's very own gift bag - all decked out with her tag and ribbon!  SOOOOOOOO fun!!!  And - of course - Ms. Bella came out to steal the show!!!

One lady asked me after Jenn and Bella went to check out the neighborhood WHO that baby was that everyone had to stop and see and love on - I looked at her like she was crazzzzzzzy - how can you not know who Bella is?!!?  And - if you don't - go read her storyShe and Jenn and Debbie have a wonderful story to share - and THOUSANDS of bloggers - families - perfect strangers have adopted her... including myself!!!  So... the question is... when do I get to babysit? Pretty please?!!?

You can find Jenn and her sparkles here and here and Saturday and Sunday, the 20th and 21st, she will be set up in Fair Park at Buchanan Market - you really shouldn't miss her!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (that is full of plastic tubs and packing material from a WONDERFUL show this past week-end!)... hee-hee
;-)  robelyn
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