Tuesday, March 2

Today in red.neckville...

I found myself at some sales and a few thrift stores this past week-end even though I was supposed to be in solitary confinement within the girl cave - sssshhhhhhh.  At one of them I stumbled upon this!  Literally... stumbled.  It's fairly..... uhmmm.... large.  Yep -

It's the biggest ladle I've ever seen.  Okay - OKAY!  I know... it's probably not REALLY a ladle... it's probably something exotic like an

or a

But - in MY quirky world I'm thinkin' it's just one heck of a "louche". Yep - a ladle - because I said so. hahahaha

What in the world do you do with a ladle this size you ask? Why - you whip up a big ol' pot of Roadkill Stew (recycling at it's finest)! Don't have the recipe on hand?

Here you go. You can thank me later. *snicker*

4lb. road kill
(preferably 2 to 3 days old. Should marinate in road oil and other highway grease at least 1 day.)
1lb. whole garlic cloves
3 c. Jalapeno peppers with seeds
1 bucket of green onions
1 gal. of cheap wine
5 c. toadstools
3 tbsp. cumin
3 c. wild weeds
Any deserving vegetables you can think of.
Throw it all in a pot and just let it.... simmer for awhile or somethin'.
recipe courtesy of cooks.com

BUT! Since I'm not a cook...
I think this will be an interesting fun conversation piece! Just think of the possibilities...
soap holder in the bathroom
easel for... something
hang a kid from it (it's cast iron and almost 3' tall).
I know! Style some purse photos with it! Yeeeee HAW! If that ain't red.neck...
I'm thinking - paint it cherry red! Eye popping turquoise? OR! Duct tape silver! What color do you think?

Comin' to you LIVE from a simmerin' single-wide... hee-hee
;-) robelyn
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