Monday, March 22

HOGerific Feed Sack Fun!!!

Hi!!!  How was your week-end?  Mine was spent...
(get ready for this)
SHIVERING in the cold, cold, COLD - then playing in the SNOW on Sunday (I went to raid Mindy... I can't WAIT for you to see all of the fun she has in store for YOU!!!)! 
SNOW!!!  In Texas... on the first official full day of Spring... in Texas!!!  Craziness I tell ya!  It had been in the 70's on Friday afternoon (you know... when I posted about Spring and all?)... Saturday morning I woke up just to don my snow suit.  And some thermals... and another snow suit... and some ear muffs... and some more thermals.  It's like I live in Minnesota or something.

Speaking of!  Do you remember the "HOGerific" line of bags?  And how Mr. Flannery spoils me rotten by sending me the good stuff?  Well... guess what!  I'm taking him with me to Zapp!  You HAVE to have at least a little HOGerific fun at each red.neck appearance!  Wanna see?

I have to show you now... the girls have a habit of flocking towards Mr. Flannery and wranglin' him up before the "HOGerific" photo op!!!  It happened in Ft. Worth - I'm not taking any chances at Zapp!

Feed Sacks are SEW fun!!!  I've seen them made up in to pillows, table runners, curtain panels... even handbagsOf course, none of the other handbags are red.neck Chic complete with duct tape and some HOGerfic fun - with a twist of Mindy !!!  Sew - this handbag will be...

"the hogs have been let loose in primitiques - quick - get the duct tape!"

How's THAT for a name?  heeeeeeeeee haw!

Have your plans been made to come shop at Primitiques with theeee Mindy?  If not... what are you waiting for?  Cool stuff - funky stuff - down right one-of-a-kind stuff... and a handbag too! Hook up your trailer and come visit... I promise, it will be worth your trip - and I'll even share my duct tape with you!!!

Comin' to you LIVE (where I didn't know my machine could sew that fast!) from a single-wide... hee-hee
;-)  Robelyn
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