Friday, March 26

What's Under Your Skirt?

Your BED SKIRT!!!  Geesh!

Wanna know what's under mine?

 No way... that's top secret, under government protection, I don't know for sure myself, classified information!  As a matter of fact - it's SEW top secret I took the skirt outside (see the pretty flowers?  they grow themselves...)to protect the innocent. Witness protection?  Perhaps.

But - I do know this...

bed skirts (or is dust ruffles?) make the most DEEEEEEEE-licious handbags!!!

Spring? Or... just in time for Zapp!!!  Come see my bed skirt yerself at Theeee Mindy's tent in Warrenton! Here's a map for you:

Come on and join me... the greatest of the greatest are there (Mindy, Debbie (the Trash Talkin' Diva!), Anne, Theresa (and Angelique and Misty and Adrienne!)... just to name a FEW!!!) and I'm on my way!!!  I sure do hope to see you there!!!

And please do tell - is it a dust ruffle or a bed skirt?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-)  robelyn


  1. Very pretty! I'm too much of a slob to have something that delicate and WHITE! Within thirty minutes, I'd have it a shabby gray!

    have fun!

  2. This purse is just darling, Robelyn! Guess it all depends if you are a good housekeeper or not. In my case it would be a dust ruffle, because all kinds of stuff lives under my bed that never sees the light of day. (great storage) for messy people! Have a fun weekend with Thee Mindy. I got to meet her and David on the phone yesterday via Anne, so fun!
    hugs and love!

  3. I do so enjoy your sense of humor and fashion.

  4. Who would've thunk it, Robelyn?! It is absolutely gorgeous. You amaze me ... have a good time & make a bundle.

    Happy Easter!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. The purse is gorgeous! You are the ultimate recycler, Robelyn.:)

  6. Hmmm... lets see what is under my skirt? Oh not much ;) I hope your weekend is awesome and event full.


  7. What's under the skirt? Here's some advice, never ask a Scotman to show ya. Have fun at the sale. Are you ready for some more do-dads?

  8. I love your dust ruffle bag. Just the best.

    If you see my friend MaryAnn from Wisconsin at Zapp Hall tell her I am thinking of her in the cold, cold north.

    Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog. Joan@anythinggoeshere

  9. Robelyn,
    Have fun with the gals! Since I don't wear skirts I haven't a clue, ha, ha!

  10. Gasping for air! The purse is sew delightful, you are a very talented lady... and you are sure doing some pretty good name dropping. Wish I was there! Lezlee

  11. I couldn't read your entire post because the title got me all bashful and things of that nature...

  12. Oh Robelyn your title certainly grabbed my attention!

    Love bedskirts, mine hide BIG BOXES OF LOTS OF SHOES... oh and dust bunnies-I find they breed best in that environment!

    Have fun this weekend!

    Thank you for your photos...LOVE YOUR PURSE!

    Thanks also for visiting my blog and your comments brighten my day.


  13. Just darling! I love the anthropologie bed! Oh my! I do love ruffles.

  14. GURL... that purse is AMAZING!!!!! I have a beautiful lace tablecloth that I should send you. I am doing nothing with it and it is just sitting here. I know that you would make something beautiful out of it!!!

  15. I am for sure I feel all bad like I am supposed to have one of those darn things! Hugs, Janna

  16. Robelyyyyyyyyn!
    I'm home from Texas and oh my gosh I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my visit with you this weekend!!!! I'm so glad Debbie introduced me to you...I just love you to pieces!!! I wish I would have had more time to play with you guys over there as I was so overwhelmed and in a "happy cloud" for the first 24 hours. I was just speechless. Then I was just getting warmed up and had to turn around and come home! :(
    Thanks for visit and again...your purses are just wonderful! I'm off to get some SLEEP and then I will go and decide which one will be MINE! ;)
    It was so nice to really meet you in person are so cute!

  17. What a cheeky little post ;) that bag is adorable by the way, thanks for posting!

  18. Posie, and she's sneezing!!!!


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