Monday, March 8


Nope - not a skeeter zappppppperI can't take that down from my 'hood... it's better than movie night!!! Besides - THIS ZZZZzzzzapp is better than movie night!

What could I possibly be referring to that is better than a skeeter zzzzzzzapper and a rousing 2 hours glued to re-runs of Heeee Haw!?  I love that show. AND Dukes of Hazard.  Oh my goodness...

Besides - THIS is better than John Schneider in tight blue jeans!  And - no... it's not the discovery of a massive roll of duct tape!  Although - I am still waiting to stumble on the kind that Nascar has.  You know the kind that they use to patch up the wrecked cars?  That stuff rocks!!!

MY NEWS is better than 60" wide duct tape in hot pink with sparkles circlin' a skeeter zzzzzzzzapper! Wait... do they make that?  Do you know what I could do with duct tape that large?  That sparkles?  Oh my... the wheels are turnin' now...

Where was I? Oh...

My wheels are TURNIN'... right over to Zapp Hall to help out Mindy - CEO extraordinaire of Primitiques 'n Poetry!  Yep - you read that right... I'm rollin' my duct tape to the big show!!!

And - this week-end I got to park my duct tape on some of her fun stuff that's going to be there (you guys are in for a REAL treat - that girl's been shoppin' with YOU in mind!)... I spied several things to hang my "primitiques" inspired line of bags off of!
Yep - again - you read that right, but... sssshhhhhhhh - don't tell her... she thinks I'm just coming to help her wreak havoc and create general mayhem... what better place to debut the line of red.neck bags inspired by theeee Mindy?
Think she'll notice any of the bags perched on the 10'................ or hanging out of the 23............ well,  you will have to come find them!!!  Wanna see, wanna see?

 Oh yeah, silly me - you're going to have to come find them!  HEEEEEEEE HA!

So - are you sharing in my excitement?  Will I see you there at Zapp Hall?  You'll know me - I'll be the one fearlessly brandishing the roll of duct tape while helping you load up on all of Mindy's fun stuff... and a handbag too!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... heehee
;-)  robelyn
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