Friday, May 7

Bird Brain.

So... "the Mama" is hostessing a Mother/Daughter (or anyone that you might have duct taped and labeled as your Mother/Daughter) tea party at her church tomorrow!  Fun, right?  It was last year!!!

Last year each table was decorated in different color combos/patterns - with purses and flowers and total GIRLY things as the centerpieces!  We broke out the best china - the best silver (she counts her silver after I've been around in a 100 mile radius) - cupcakes, tea... all the fun girly/frilly/sparkley stuff you can think of!

This year she has a garden theme (or is it bird theme?) going on!  I have a list (actually - my email just popped up and the subject is "list 2") a mile long of things I have that she needs (they could - or could NOT - be hers in the first place... we won't discuss that though) - bird cages, glass pitchers, chicken feeder... the resident teen for loading and unloading... and so on!

One of the things I got hoodwinked into... are you ready for this?

COOKING!!!  I know, right?  What the heck is "the Mama" thinkin'!!!

So I'm gonna make these:

2 c. chow mein noodles
2 c. coarsely crushed corn flakes cereal
1 lb. white or brown chocolate
(I know this guy that says no "real" chocolate is white.. I beg to differ - but I thought you should be aware of the great "chocolate" debate... and he reads this - so feel free to chime in on the debate!)

In large bowl combine noodles and cereal; set aside.  In double boiler over hot water melt chocolate.  Remove from heat; pour over noodles and cereal.  To form nests, mound 2 tablespoons of mixture onto cookie sheet covered with waxed paper.  Make an indentation in the center of each mound.  Place 3 candies in center.  (M&M's can be used, raisins, jelly beans or candy coated pieces.)  Allow to set at room temperature until firm.  Makes 18 cookies.

There are ALL kinds of other recipes out there for these "birds nest cookies" that call for various things - but when they start saying things like "cream this together" and "blend" etc. - they lose me. I had to ask what a double boiler is.

Anyhow - keep your fingers crossed!!!  I'm hoping to BE at the tea party - not fanning flames with a fire extinguisher and having tea with the local fire dept. at the single-wide. I'll keep you posted on the whole nesting thing. Are you making great plans for Mother's Day?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where - yeah - "the Mama" sometimes dubs me "bird brain")... hee-hee
;-) robelyn
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