Wednesday, May 5

I learnt somethin'

I learnt myself somethin' today...

well, yesterday too. And Monday.

Never put on your blog "wait 'til you see what I did with..."

unless the "did with" you are referring to is complete - in hand - and absolutely blog worthy.

See (for example) the big canvas I said, "wait 'til you see what I did with..."?  Well...

I primed it - then I painted it.

Then - because I'm a sign girl by day - I cut myself a vinyl stencil... a knock-off of a vintage eye chart.

Applied it - then stenciled it.  Didn't work - so more black paint was applied - another stencil was cut...

and - unless you're slightly INEBRIATED - this here eye chart is just a wee bit blurry... if not blurriererererer than the first one!!! Now... I've stenciled before with great success - so I'm not sure what the heck my problem is - but I'm foldin' on this one and admitting temporary defeat due to the fact that every freckle on my face is standing out and I'm feeling mighty stressed - so stressed I can't SEE straight!  Okay - maybe that's some exaggeration... but I am disgruntled - my whole "how to" post that I had planned had things like, "look" and "see" peppered all through it - totally fun... now - nothing but a blur.

There's a very real chance that I might just duct tape the whole stinkin' thing and call it red.neck artwork.

Any suggestions for me?  I'm on plan - uhmmmm.... C.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... where I have learnt myself a valuable lesson - just wait and SEE!!!... hee-hee
;-) robelyn
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