Monday, May 3

Clean Schmean.

I didn't get much cleanin' done in the single-wide this past week-end 'cause stuff kept gettin' in my way.

Or as Debbie the Trash Talkin' Diva says... I had some squirrel moments.

Just a few though. Garage Sales, Junk Stores, Flea Markets... hahahaha *snort*

Though the wheels on the duct tape mobile kept goin' round-n-round -

Annnnnnd the single-wide didn't get cleaned or dusted - or even painted some more - not one curtain made... nothing went as planned...

it all went awry on PURPOSE - I found more junk I didn't need... on PURPOSE!!!  Yesterday I found out that red.neck is movin' on up (or at least around the corner)... to a MUCH bigger location in the antique mall I park my duct tape in!  Whew - I got skeert for a minute when faced with the move - but then I thought, "I can SO do this with my hands taped behind my back - and it's all practice for red.neck Chic tha bow-teeeeek" ... I'm not responsible for all of the plannin' that then took place in my over cooked pea brain.

Did you smell the burning duct tape?  heeee HA!

I am SEW humbled and amazed and in awe - and in shock half the time - over all of the directions that red.neck is going - all of the doors that have been thrown open - and I am so THANKFUL for YOU - and happy happy to have you along with me on the CrAzY ride this duct tape roll is takin' ... the duke boys ain't got nuttin' on this chase!  Just wait... I'm workin' on the web-site, my version of "tha bow-teeeeek" and SO many awesome, incredible - FUN - other things!

In the meantime - wait 'til you SEE what I'm gonna do with this great big - crazy large - HUGE canvas!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (I think... it's all covered in dust... still)...hee-hee
;-) robelyn
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