Tuesday, May 18

black and white

My life is not ALWAYS (but mostly) lived in vivid colors...

Hey - I said "mostly" up there.

I do indeed get caught often changing my personal photos to black and white.  There is just something about black and white photos (and tractors too...)

that tickles my fancy.  Then, tickles it again.  The Walgreens photo center probably thinks I have only one mode...

the "classic" mode on my camera.  HEEEEE HA!

I REALLY have to backtrack on myself sometimes because it occurs to me that YOU might not get as much of a thrill as I do out of black and white photos...

so I thought I would ask you... what's your take on black and white photos?

Also - since I'm askin'... curious minds want to know (I've been watching too much TV - and Mike Rowe (dirty jobs) (he advertises for Ford) is... well... he tickles my fancy too...) we have the "Texas Edition" Ford pick 'em up trucks 'round this neck-o-the-woods... does Minnesota have a "Minnesota Edition"?  How about Missouri?  Nebraska?  Arkansas? California?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... The Texas Edition... hee-hee
;-) robelyn
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