Tuesday, April 24

cooking a moose.

It's a well known fact (almost world-wide) that I can't cook. At all. But... I have a deep admiration for those of you who CAN cook. And cookbooks... cookbooks seem to find me. Some of my favorites are the Church cookbooks.

casseroles... i like casseroles... all kinds of food in one pot.

I gravitate towards the church cookbooks because of the stories I think they tell... I like to imagine that somebody's Grandmother, or Great-Grandmother came up with the recipes (some for fun - some out of necessity) and started sharing. I like to think that they spent happy hours in their cozy kitchen with their sons and daughters - grand-sons and grand-daughters - passing on their love through time and food. Then the recipes got handed down, and handed down some more...

I'm a mustard girl but I might have to draw the line here...

just think - when a lot of these cookbooks were typed out and published - blowing things up in the microwave wasn't even a thought!

These cookbooks hold recipes for cakes and pies and salads and cookies and casseroles and fish stuff and meat stuff and sauces and dips and jams and jellies and bread and...

someone must have had a farm. With a moose on it.

*big cheesy grin*


there's even a section for the cooking impaired.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm thinking that these goodies are heading to my space (aka: the "Taj Mahal") inside of the Hillsboro Antique Mall this week-end so someone that knows how to work their stove can enjoy them. Oh, and if you make some Beets with Mustard Butter will you let me know? I'll taste-test it for you.
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