Monday, April 16

here kitty kitty kitty...

he arrives in his trusty steed hauling some SERIOUS rusty fun...

he knows he looks quite suave and debOHnair...

women go all googly-eyed when he arrives and starts prowlin' the fields of Zapp on Prom night...

Gina of Country Garden in Dallas

Carol of Cookie DuMonde

some lose their head(s)...

Rachel and Tony (check out Rachel's prom crown that she created out of "field finds"!)

he finds two of his favohrite kittens so they can cozy up to him in his litter box...

the beautiful Junk Gypsy, Amie

the beautiful Junk Gypsy, Jolie
he's gotta be the only man that had TWO Prom dates at the Junk Gypsy prom!

he even had to call in some secret service to help corral the petticoat wearin' kittens:

Cruz, secret service code name: "Mr. Sweet T"

he's the ONE!

the ONLY!


drum roll please...

he's THE

Caaaaaaat Daddy!

DEFINITELY the Chic in MY red.neck!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm sho' 'nuff purrin' (and also kinda wonderin' how Mama Debinator fights 'em all off...)
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