Thursday, April 12


While I was at (to quote Mama Debinator) "The Greatest Show on Dirt" I heard and was involved in many conversations re: Blogging vs. Facebook.

Is Blogging a dying art?

Is Facebook taking over?


Wanna know why I say (well... really... I yelled) "no"?

I had a fantastic show in the pasture behind Zapp Hall... but it wasn't necessarily about peddling my wares.

One evening I was sitting at the table in the "Party Tent". I looked around me and was just in awe of the friendship and fellowship surrounding me. Next to me was sitting my adopted Mama, the Trash Talkin' diva herself, "Mama Debinator"...

I wouldn't know or have her as my own if it weren't for blogging. Debbie is that fun-size bundle of love, personality and heart that I will never be able to thank God enough for handing me. Now she can't get rid of me. *insert evil laugh here*

I looked to my left to gaze at my newest beautiful friend, Pam from "One Gal's Trash"...
I wouldn't know her and adore her if she hadn't come from Portland, Oregon to meet "Mama Debinator" and Sue that SHE met through blogging.

Therefore, I wouldn't know Pam and forever be her stalker if it weren't for blogging.

I looked to Pam's left and grinned my goofy grin because there sat Sue from Vintage Rescue Squad cracking us all up. Ask her about speed dating sometime...

I wouldn't know and adore Sue if it weren't for blogging. Or... maybe I should say... I wouldn't have blackmail stories on Sue if it weren't for blogging. Do I plan on meeting up with her BEFORE the next show in Warrenton? You betcha. I'm a stalker... I will stalk her.

And to Sue's left sat my adopted sister, Kristi. There are no words to describe Kristi, so I'm not even going to try. But, I will say, she is one person that I hope to have in my life for the next 89 years. Many many many slumber parties where even while talking we will be watching the woods for Yeti's.

And... I wouldn't know Kristi if it wasn't for blogging.

That was just the few of us sitting around the table... I couldn't even BEGIN to name all who wandered in and out, braving the cow pastures and junk piles, drawn in to visit and dive in to conversation by the tie that binds...

we are all "bloggers".

Facebook is just as equally important to me, don't get me wrong. I adored each and every person that came up to me with a grin on their face saying, "I follow you on Facebook". It was so wonderful to meet you!!! I Thank You for reading my crazy status updates and following along with my shenanigans... half the time I'm not even sure what I'm doing - so I can't imagine what you think! LOL

I will admit - with one picture and one sentence - Facebook is an easier way to reach each of you - touch base with you and see what you're up to.

Would I ever quit blogging in favor of Facebook? No. Why? Because - for me - it is near impossible to build a relationship - adopt a family - fall in love - in one status update.

Through blogging I have built and added on to friendships and love by YOU reading and listening to my insanity - ME reading and listening to YOUR insanity... I've laughed with you, cried with you, celebrated with you and watched you create your magic...

and if I haven't met you yet, you can bet your roll of duct tape I want to. And I hope to. After all... you need a crazy red.neck stalker, right?

I THANK YOU for sharing you with me.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where this post is proof... there is no way I could have told you how important you are to me in one status update...
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