Thursday, April 19

seein' stars...

retreauxgirl repurposed jewelry

I saw stars in red.neckville (the fashion district) at Zapp! I got to not only peddle MY wares - but I had a few guest stars that I was INCREDIBLY honored to have!

retreauxgirl repurposed jewelry
Leslie - the beauty and brains behind Retreauxgirl Repurposed Jewelry (my personal Sparkle Queen!) made a trip to bring me sparkles, then made a couple more trips to come hang out with me! I saw a STAR!


Threadbare Soul
my hat was off to Lonna - the creative genius behind Threadbare Soul for her GORGEOUS hats that she let me put in the "fashion district"! Did I love them all? You betcha!

i didn't have this one in the fashion district... but how CUTE is this!!!

I had been stalking Lonna via Facebook and FINALLY I got to meet her! I'm now stuck to her like duct tape!

THEN! I was and AM DEEPLY honored to have some duct tape wallets from THE Fringeboy himself!

his Momma is Tricia over at The Domestic Fringe
I didn't get to meet Fringeboy or his Momma...

so you know - i stole this picture from The Domestic Fringe.

but this family is my favorite reality show. Forget the TV - I watch The Domestic Fringe antics via Tricia's blog. LOL I carry a polka dot duct tape wallet and GRIN each time I pull it out!!! THANK YOU Fringeboy!!!

Next up:

Duct Tape and Denim (facebook here - blog here - shop here)

Ann wired up some barbed wire bracelets and sent them along to me... I saw stars!!! Have I met Ann yet?

Duct Tape and Denim (facebook here - blog here - shop here)

No. But her time is coming... I stalk. ;-D

So you see? I saw stars in red.neckville...

retreauxgirl repurposed jewelry

and they ALL hold keys to my heart. THANK YOU to EACH of you - you had my tent sparklin' and shinin'!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where the single-wide is still full of various show parts and pieces/tubs and bags... I'll send you my house key if you will break in and clean it. No wait... I like you. I couldn't do that to you.
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