Thursday, April 26

embarrassing moment No. 1...

First let me start this story with: When I blush, it is not that delicate, Southern Belle, “oh look, you’re blushing!” blush. No. When I get embarrassed or nervous I start to feel the burn. It creeps up my neck like lightning, my ears start to smolder... I think my eyes even turn red... then I forget my words because I think my brain is on FIRE.

Remember all-of-the-above, it is important information.

she establishes her cool factor right away by having a truck on her book cover!

Annie Selke is the founder and creative force behind widely acclaimed home furnishings companies Pine Cone Hill fine linens and sleepwear, Dash and Albert Rug Company, and Annie Selke Home furniture and fabrics. Available at high-end stores nationwide and sold in catalogs such as Neiman Marcus and Sundance as well as online, her products are splashed liberally across the pages of top shelter magazines, including House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Real Simple, Country Living, Woman’s Day, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Annie Selke... my luuuuv for Annie Selke started with Honey, from Honey’s Home + Style. (Bless her heart, Honey has me dogging her footsteps – do you think she knows she opens a whole new world for me every time I see or talk to her?) Annie uses color...

and she has fun with her designs...

she's hooked my red.neck heart with these...

and she uses color...

that makes my heart pitter-pat.

I met Annie Selke in Warrenton. Oh, yes, I did.

She came in my tent. Oh yes, she did.

she has fun with neutrals too!

Did I know it was her? No.

Did I stop her from taking pictures of my pocketbooks? Yes, I did.

Here’s how it went down:

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t allow photos of my pocketbooks”.
(please please note... I'm not being mean... I'm just protective of my pattern designs and small blips of creativity.)

Annie: “oh, but that’s my fabric!”

Me: *jaw drop eyes start popping out of my face* “Are you Annie Selke?” (insert creeping blush here. about... my jaw line.)

Annie: “yes, I am!”

Me: (the blush is burning the dickens out of my ear lobes)*stutter* I am so sorry, I luuuuv you! Take any pictures you want!”

Annie: “oh, Thank You!”

Me: (my eyeballs are just about red)No, I luuuuv you! Thank YOU!"

Annie: “oh, Thank You!”

Me: *stutter, stutter, stutter* (my brain was officially on fire)

The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Honey... *stutter*... Honey... *stutter*... Honey in Waco”

Annie: “Oh, Honey’s Home + Style, what a beautiful store – She’s wonderful!”

Me: “I luuuuv you”

Needless to say, she and her friends got the heck out of red.neckville quick.

Am I a crazed stalker? Proll'y.

Annie Selke may never come back to Waco. *sigh* Or, when she comes back to Honey’s, she might have a restraining order against me... I know I would if I was her!

Oh wait - she might not recognize me if I am not FIRE ENGINE RED!

I should have had her sign the "card of authenticity" in one of the pocketbooks that I had hanging made with her fabric samples!

this is one where I used all of her samples from one color-way

Or I should have grabbed “Mama Debinator” to take my picture with her! But, that required thinking and I was busy being star-struck and slightly crazed. And really really red. REALLY red. Annie Selke is my version of a rock star!

I HIGHLY recommend "Fresh American Spaces". Her style, her attention to detail - her EVERYthing is phenomenal!

Annie's book has quickly become a staple for me. When I need inspiration, I open it up. When I just want some design eye candy, I open it up. When I want to remember one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, I open it up.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where when I get locked up in a padded cell for being slightly stalkerishly insane I would like to take Annie Selke, Kate Spade, and Anthony Hopkins with me. Who would you take with you?

*all of the images (except for the pocketbook) were taken out of Annie Selke's "Fresh American Spaces" book. The images (and my design heart) belong to her.*
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