Wednesday, June 20

hello... goodbye

I had this really funny post in draft using these pictures... it had words like “plethora” in it and giggle-worthy scenarios such as: imagine how many people you would confuse if you walked in to a room and said “goodbye” instead of “hello” (I still might try that some day... just sayin’) and I went on to discuss spray paint as an alternative to toe nail polish (pedicure courtesy of Krylon)...

but then life intervened, a family friend passed away, and I started to think about these two words:

 "hello" and "goodbye".

And now you will get the Wednesday episode of "deep thoughts by red.neck Chic":

I’ve always ALWAYS adored the word “hello” because it can hold a plethora of emotions depending on tone of voice. You can almost judge another’s mood by the way they answer the phone:

“HELLO!!!” – that’s the “I’m so happy to have your voice in my ear” hello!

Or “hello.” – that’s the “I’m not having a good day – you better make this good” hello.

Or - my favorite - is by-passing the "hello" all together and going straight for yelling out a nickname or asking "what are you doing?!"!

“you had me at “hello”"... *sigh*... so romantic.

“Hello” when you get me in person rarely escapes my lips without a smile accompanying it... and because I'm me... a giggle of some sort. :)

As for “goodbye”... I don't like saying “goodbye” (or in my case: "okaybye")

I know it’s only painful when you’re never going to say “hello” again - but honestly - how often do you think about that happening? I say “okaybye” and naturally think it’s bringing me closer to the next “hello”. On the phone I say it (and for WHATEVER reason chuckle right after), hang up and continue on my way with the belief that my phone will ring again and I can say “HELLO!!!” a lil' later to that same person. When I’m leaving someone that I love, I say the dreaded “okaybye” and offer up some good huggin' action, but in my head I'm already plotting and planning the next time I’ll get to see them... ‘cause I don't like thinking or saying “goodbye” or even "okaybye".

Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are friends. ~ Richard Bach

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I will never take "hello" for granted... if I hug you extra tight when I see you and extra tighter when I leave you instead of saying anything - it's 'cause I don't like "goodbye"... no matter what color it's painted. Make sure each "hello" counts today..

p.s. - maybe the "right after okaybye" phone chuckle is me already plotting for the next "hello"! ahhhhh..... NOW it makes sense! ;)
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