Friday, June 8


found here

Have I ever told you I'm an opal fiend? I am! They have soooooooo many colors in them - they catch alllll of the light and they sparkle and glitter and shimmer and shine... they hold so much life!

i even like opal glass - found here

You can keep the diamonds (yeah, I heard you gasp!)...

good grief.... this ring made my jaw drop... found here

and hand me an opal instead.

found here

Or a vintage gumball machine ring with a faux opal... I'm all over it. I'm so low maintenance...

... like this car. I would drive one of these... maybe paint it pink. Or cherry red. What's your favorite gemstone?

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where while I'm thinking about opals I'm ALSO boiling duct tape...

my version of multi-tasking. hee-hee
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