Tuesday, June 12


the other day it was mentioned that i wear tablecloths. at first i was slightly traumatized....

then it was pointed out to me that i make pocketbooks out of tablecloths, why wouldn't i wear 'em too?

sew now i'm embracing my tablewear.

join me so i don't feel sew alone:

1 tank top
1 doily
sew the doily to the tank top
and.... if your tank is too long like mine is - cut some teeny-tiny holes in the sides (knit is SEW forgiving and doesn't unravel!), gather your shirt and tie it up with some hem lace.

it's that easy. and that summery. THAT pretty.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where i should just accept the fact that the older i get, the more my inner hippie emerges. 9 times out of 9.5 i'm running around barefoot - i wear bell-bottoms all half the time... and tablewear, i'm sure, has a place setting in all of that. better yetif i go on a picnic i already have my table cover. simplicity in life is key...
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