Thursday, December 17

I'm going to a SLEEPOVER!!!

WHOO HOO!!!  Debbie's havin' a PAR-TAY!!!  That trash talkin' DIVA has had 100,000 peoples o'er there looking at her and lapping up the wisdom she imparts...
The TRASH she talks. Oh... what PURRRRRRFECT trash it is!!! And - better than that?  It's a Pajama Party!!!  How fun, right?!!? Well...

Ain't no red.neck girl in her right mind gonna be caught out paperin' houses and makin' pizza runs while somebody else drives ('cause I'm CERTAINLY not old enough) in her Spongebob Jammies, so I'm bustin' out the special nightgown - I'll do the trash talkin' diva proud!!!  And if we have to corral any of the inmates we can just use some of my night dress - ain't duct tape grand? Oh!!!  And this'll be great when I'm out playin' in the yard... uh huh Malisa, I'm on to you!!!  Do I REALLY have to come back in?  Geesh...

That Debbie set down some house rules... do you think she's going to make me sign anything upon entry?
  1. No dancing on the furniture...that includes the Twist, Mashed Potatoes, Jerk, Iron Horse, and the Cabbage Patch! (Oh Oh!!!  Can we do the Chicken Dance! na na na na na na na na na na na na - you didn't list THAT one...)
  2. No smoking in the bathroom...I don't care if everybody else is doing it! If everybody else was running naked in the streets, would you do that too? (Uhmmmm... depends on which side of the road the chicken's on.)
  3. No prank phone calling...unless I'm the one doing the dialing! got Prince Albert in a can?(Yes... I'm calling for Aaron Thetires...)
  4. No opening the windows for boys to sneak in and NO sneaking out to meet guys...bring 'em in the front door...just let me get the curlers outta my hair first and some lipstick on! (Oh... I used my lipstick to write on somebody's forehead... I can't help it that they went to sleep first!!!)
  5. No gossiping...I don't care if you can see through Gussie's gown...pretend you don't! Here! Here!!!  (Did you hear?  Debbie said no gossiping...can you believe her?)
  6. toilet papering the neighbor's house. I gotta live in this town after you go home! (I've gotta few rolls of charmin... and I live South of her by a few miles... and toilet paper always ALWAYS looks better when mixed with some duct tape...) 

I even rolled out some of my speeeecial duct tape for Debbie's par-tay!!!  Bring it on girls and boys... I like me a good pillow fight!!! You'll probably win, I get laughing too hard... especially after drinking some of the Hot Dr. Pepper that's gonna be there.  tee-hee-hee-hee

And look at what she has laid out at her par-tay!  I'm thinking... if I wear the mask and don the gown - top it with THIS

then I'll have the purrrrrrrrrrfect New Years Eve outfit!!!  Add in some of those barbi slippers with the little fluffy things on the toes... I am such the fashion diva! Yep.

Games and Music and Food and Cat Daddy and crazy hair-styles... oh my oh my - it's gonna be fun!!!
She SAID I could bring my friends - so you wanna go? huh? huh?  Please do... just RSVP over here with the Trash Talkin' Guru herself!!! (And let me know if you need a ride... I can get my hands on a hot lookin' John Deere if I need to.) HA!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-) Robelyn
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