Friday, December 18

Who let the Elves Out?

Wow.  I didn't realize that it looks like Christmas exploded in my dining area until I started taking pictures....repeat after me: "Bohemian Rhapsody Christmas". The dearest Debra (who knows me SEW well!!!) titled my house for me (sight unseen!!!) and I think that's fer sure what I've got on my hands...and this is just one corner of my open living area!!!  It's like some of Santa's elves were sick of me putterin' around (and changing things up constantly 'cause all ya'll inspired me...several times over!!!) got "all jacked up on Mountain Dew" and got a lot bizzzzzy in this here single-wide!

Who let the elves out? - Who? Who? Who? Who?
Who let the elves out? -
Who? Who? Who? Who?

Welcome to my Dining Room!  Please, hold on tight...there's a whole lotta Christmas goin' on here!!!

Remember when I was running around minus my top tree toppers? Well... they are all lined up and spread out in my dining area on top of my shelving!  Debbie suggested running them down the center of my dining room table (debs...whatcha' know about shiny poles?  LOLOL!!!) and Mindy seconded that suggestion... but them elves got lazy (and had some dusting to know, toaster ovens and the way they "cook" are the very devil.) so the elves threw in some greenery, some lights and placed them all in one spot!  Well, not really ALL in one spot...

This was my first tree topper... I got it with my 5 finger discount at "shop o' Mama"...seriously, I'm going to have to take you there sometime!  This one is parked in the center of the dining table... dang, I think the silver tray was purchased in the same store. Imagine that!!!

And those elves spread the joy... all the way around my dining area and into my living room!

Here's a secret from me to you: this tree topper actually has a broken point, but - me being who I be - I couldn't just toss it aside!  Oh no, no!  So I grabbed a light globe, flipped it upside down (or, in my mind - right side up!) placed the topper in and GAVE it a top (couldn't have it runnin' around's too cold outside.)!!!  Oh... vintage ornaments are SO versatile aren't they?  hee-hee (Oh wait, no - the elves did all that - I couldn't POSSIBLY be held accountable for the Christmas explosion that has happened in my home.)

Once the tops tree toppers were all where they were supposed to be, everything else just sorta fell into place!

Dig up some cool thrifty/sale/junk finds (and of course goodies found at my favorite discount store *snicker*)
and throw in a bunch of vintage ornaments...

and I mean... a BUNCH...

 Even the chandelier got gussied up by the Christmas elves!!! Perhaps they had some red bull as a chaser to the mountain dew? Dunno... but this is what I ended up with!

And I repeat... this is just one corner.  LOLOLOL As soon as I wrap some gifts (have you been to see Margo?  She's got the coolest gift wrappin' ideas!!! ) I'll get you some pictures of the tree... and there's the kitchen, and the other corner, and the other corner, and the other corner and the living room... if I told you right now that my house really isn't shabby chic or cottagey/vintage chic you wouldn't believe me at all would you?  I think the Elves gave the ol' single-wide an alter ego for the Holidays!  LOL

Oh!!! Maybe it wasn't the Elves that were let loose in the single-wide... it could be those crazy girls and boys runnin' amok over yonder at Debbie's par-TAY!!!  I'm goin' back over thaaaar, but not without my shaving cream and food coloring... wanna go?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (and I'm ducking from Elves on Starbucks...)...hee-hee
;-) Robelyn
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