Monday, December 28

Thank You Letter...

Hey Santa,

I'd like to Thank You for acknowledging that I at least gave being good dis here year a try and for overlooking the whole dumpster diving/speeding ticket thang. It was right nice of ya to bring me the following for Christmas:

My lawn chair stuck in the neighbor's pear tree - now I can get back to watchin' the picture show "bug zapper on patrol" 

Two cords of firewood and butane for my torch - that's gonna make a heck of a New Year's Eve bonfire.

Three cinder blocks - now I got somethin' to park my radio flyer on...Yee Haw!!!

Four cases of RC Cola - Mr. Flannery, I'll get a second lawn chair so you can have somewhere to sit.

Five new mud'n tires - that radio flyer needed some new ones WHOO HOO!!!

Six NASCAR t-shirts - Gentleman - START YOUR ENGINES!!!

Seven bumper stickers - "I ain't speedin', I'm qualifyin'"

Eight moon pies - YEAH!!!  I got some of the yellar ones AND some of the chocolate!!!

Nine goats a ropin' - that poor goat over thaar on the corner just didn't see it comin'... 

Ten cows a tippin'  - that getaway sleigh is all pimped out - big ol' turbo diesel engine, massive runnin' boards and some smoke stacks like I've never seen before!

Eleven rolls of duct tape 'cause a girl needs her arsenal... and I'm likin' the hot pink roll!!!

Twelve shotguns a shootin' Hmmmm....How about.... 12 trips to Bass Pro Shop  - Well, I have to say... I sure liked that 12 half hours I spent in Anthropologie... just 'bout as good as makin' faces at the fishies...

And I'm thinkin' this dress with my gift card... it shoooooooooooooorrrr is purty and would look right nice with my camo boots!!!

I thank ya from the bottom of my sparklin', peep-toed shoes, 
Yo fav.o.rite red.neck.

What did that Santy Claus bring YOU this year?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-)  Robelyn
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