Wednesday, June 16

I'm on a roll!

What happens when you have WAY toooooooooooo many piles of home-dec trim?

And you walked off with as many bobbins as you could from "the Mama's" storage room?

You just walk off with some more of "the Mama's" schtuff... a candlestick (or 20), those crazy white glass vases that you know you have 30 extras sitting around (don't try to deny it)...

and you get on a roll!!!  I'm having fun organizing the "la.bor.a.tory" - the pricing just can't be beat at "the Mama's"!

What kind of cool junk do you use for organizing?  I have a whole lab full of interesting containers...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where the trim is rolling... not the single-wide) hee-hee
:-D  robelyn

Don't forget about Saturday at "the Mindy's"!  Now... that girl is offering pricing ALMOST equal to "the Mama's"... go see!
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