Tuesday, June 8

I'm A Star!

You know how life has you sometimes walking - then running - then stumbling - then skipping... sometimes crawling... and without flowery, cushiony knee pads?

A number of years back I was crawling.  Slowly - sometimes backwards.  Bills to pay, three tooooo many jobs, a preschooler at home that knew how to say, "Mama, I think you need a nap", blah blah blah - crawling - with no knee pads in sight.  So - me being the daughter of "the Mama" WANTED her Mama who was 100's of miles away! (Okay, maybe just 200 - but it seemed further.) While sitting in silence on the graveyard shift on a Friday night I wrote "the Mama" the longest, most pitiful - most "I'm feeling sorry for myself right now" - letter in the universe.  LOL  Seriously - it was crazy long!  I think I had a cramp in my hand afterwards.

Well, I then proceeded to mail it before the personal pity party was over.

Not toooooo many days after THAT, I got this in the mail.

It reads a lil' sumthin' like this...

I Said A Prayer For You Today
To Make Your Spirits Soar,
I Prayed For Happiness For You,
But Then I asked For More.
I Asked That God Would Give You
The Courage That You Need
To Be Yourself , To Do Your Best,
To Dream And To Succeed.
I Prayed That God Would Bless You
With Confidence In Who You Are,
Because In God's Eyes, As In Mine,
You'll Always Be My Star!

Much Love, Mom (1998)

I was workin' on the la.bor.a.tory this morning (the clock's tickin' - how much longer do I have 'til you arrive?) and I realized that this has moved from house to house - from spot to spot - location, location! - always sitting somewhere...  today it's the focal point on my inspiration board. And so you know - I don't throw personal pity parties anymore - attendance: 1 - I just shrug, duct tape the problem and carry on - I'm cool like that. heeeee HA!

Who's Star Are You?  I'm "the Mama's".

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-)  robelyn

Oh!  And speakin' of stars... you will never guess who I hung out with on Saturday...
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