Wednesday, June 23

dressin' up!

Happy Wednesday!!!  How's your week been so far?  Mine's been crazy - SEW crazy that I'm just now getting the scoop on "the Mindy's" dress-up partay to you!

Did I have fun? YES!

We changed clothes... then we would sell something and visit with her customers (and each other (David was there too!)...

then we would change again...then we would sell something and visit with her customers (and each other (did I tell you David was there too?))...

and THEN we had to change in to packin' clothes so we could start loadin' up all of the Primitiques fun stuff - (and yes, I had a tub full that I walked away with... I like it when she cleans house!) so Primitiques can be moved to it's

You know, sometimes a girl just has to open her arms wide to welcome the future grand things that are gonna come her way!!!  This'll be fun - just imagine the partay we're gonna have when "the Mindy" gets in her new shop!!!

And..... the minute her shop doors open -

The little stinker snuck a set of (to quote her...) "fun, quilt covered frames" in the back of my duct tape mobile.  I can be just as sneaky - she opened the first shop up with 'em (here's her story), don't you think she needs 'em at her new one? *snicker*

When I was there I also loaded up the "primitiques meets red.neck" line of handbags and some of them have made it in to my Etsy store:

(nice frame, huh?  heeeeee HA!) with more heading that direction!  AND!  Because my "la.bor.a.tor.y" is all spic and span - I have been bizzzzzy making fun new things!  I think I like having walking space - and am in awe of the fact that I can find what I'm looking for... when I'm looking for it!  Have you been to visit all of the wonderful creative spaces over at My Desert Cottage?  Karen is throwing one HECK of a party - you shouldn't miss it!!!

All of this - and it's only Wednesday afternoon... whewWhat have you been up to so far this week?  Fun stuff?  Busy stuff?  Summer stuff?  Give me the scoop!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... hee-hee
;-D  robelyn 
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