Wednesday, June 2

spelling bee

name: Janet
age: un-determined but spring-chickenish
location: talk sweet talk

start talkin'...
(yeah... it's an interrogation!!! HA!!!)

How did you come up with "Sweet Talk"?
A few years ago my sister-in-law called and wanted me to come help her decorate her house for Christmas.  The last thing she said was "bring flashcards!" That's the problem with vintage flashcards... they are first and second grade words and the choices are slim.  I saw a knead!  But I didn't want to reproduce flashcards, for me, that wasn't the right thing to dew! I combined my love of words with my love of things that aren't-the-size-they-are-suppose-to-be and came up with Sweet Talk tags! Now there are no limits! At Sweet Talk you can have your favorite word or name printed on a tag!

How is it that Mexican Dresses became your signature outfit?
One of the most stressful things I do too prepare for Warrenton is come up with tin cute outfits!  Seriously.  Last Fall I was standing in my closet completely bamboozled about what to pack and it suddenly occurred to me that if I purchased two more Mexican dresses I would have TEN!  Done!  It's officially my "official" uniform!  And... I am packed for Warrenton from now until forever... nanny nanny booboo!

Do you iron them yourself or send them out to the untangled hanger place?
You do not want me laundering anything! I can do a load of nothing but whites and when the cycle finishes everything is red! I shrink the un-shrinkable! The last time I turned on my iron I ended up with a burn on my knee... don't ask! I send my Mexican dresses OUT to come back on cote hangers that will, at some future date, be tangled! I'm at piece with it.

(Number 2 and 3 were submitted by "The Mendee". heeeeeeeeeeeeee HA!)

What was the final number of pairs of shoes in your closet?
What? You didn't buy "90ish"?  I kinda plugged my ears and made some rattling noises with my tongue, but I think the final number was 112! Looks to me like I've been sleeping on the job!  I always have room for more shoes.

What do you consider too be your worst habit?
That I have a need to learn thangs the hard way.  Don't try to spare me life's bumps and bruises 'cuz I'm gonna do it my way!

How long have you been in business?
Sweet Talk was launched inn April 2009 just after I returned from the Spring Warrenton show.

Did you ever participate in a spelling bee?
My palms are still a little sweaty from a third grade spelling bee!  I didn't win it but I got pretty far! Spell Check on my computer is on an extended hollyday!  I'm a good spealler!

What is your favorite product in your shop?
Well, that's a tough one 'cuz I'm a big fan of my own work!  However, if I have too pick ONE... it would be the custom tags with my name on them!  I've always loved seeing my name in "lights" (i.e. print)!

Which super power would you like to have and why?
Ahh, that would be "healing".  As someone who has suffered with chronic pain for too many years to count I think it would be awesome to be able to heal people of their physical alements!

Big Mac or Whopper?
Whataburger with cheese girl!  I'm from Texas!

How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie roll pop?
Unless someone tells me, I'll never know!  I start chomping the second I put a tootsie roll pop in my mouth!

What's the deal with "i before e"?
I before E? You're talking about the Jackson 5 song "ABC" right?

What is something that not a lot of people know about you - but you WISH more people COULD know?
That I'm shy!  I know, it's a chin scratcher, but it's true!  My first two weeks of first grade my mom pushed me in the classroom and ran!  I have always struggled in groups of people where I don't know anyone or only know a few.  I think it can be mistaken for being snobby or rude, but just know that if you see me in a crowd and you start to think "hmmm" understand that I'm terryfied!

Your favorite word?

Your favorite words to describe YOU!!
Nice, happy, independent, fun, loyal, helpful, determined, quirky, creative, wordy and sweet!

My question for YOU my dear reader that comes to visit me... how many words are ms-spelled in this post?  I can't spell for love nor money... AND I can't seam to get the word usage of "to or too" correct at all.

And now?  I welcome you to my spelling bee!
No rules - just leave me a comment or email me with your count (I'll give you until Saturday the 5th at midnight - so take your tyme 'cause I know you are sometimes in a rush!) - but I'm not going to PUBLISH the comments 'cause we gots to play fair!!!  How-evah... I will keep you updated each day with how many we have attending the spelling bee, and how many of you rednecks are correct!  You don't have to be a follower (though you are welcome to join us trailer park kids!) - you can even keep the Spelling Bee to yerself - I just want you to attend! On Saturday, the 5th, at midnight (bwoo hahaha) I will take all of the correct answers - toss 'em in a purse - and announce the winner on Sunday!!!  I mean, c'mon...

A.  Janet is verrrrrry interesting - and if you didn't know that PRIOR to this post... you do now!  Go visit her - I promise - you will

her as eye do!!!

and B. You could win some of her tags (check it out HERE!) - and carry them in your very own " pearl.e" (perfect for your next trip to Warrenton (to see Janet) or the Flea Market) sling bag!  A red.neck Chic original - and waiting for a knew home!!!

Now boys and girls... the first word for today is...

Comin' tooooooooo you LIVE from a single-wide (where I to am counting 'cause I lost track at # 17)...hee-hee
;-D  robelyn
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