Tuesday, June 15

The door is opened...

Then the next door is opened...

Then the NEXT door is opened - and the next - and the next...
I need to label all of these stinkers before you come visit me on Saturday in the "la.bor.a.tory" for the "Where Bloggers Create" party, or you won't be able to find one. single. thing!
I've opened and closed, opened and closed AND opened and closed roughly 40 locker doors a million and one times while on my quest to clean up my mess!!! And what a mess it was!

I'd LIKE to say that I messed all that up just for you so that you would be all impressed and stuff with the NEW storage unit... but uhmmmmmm no - that is SEW not the case.  I can't believe I showed you this picture. Now do you see why I was so ecstatic when "the Mindy" found the lockers for me? Some of the doors had to be removed (maybe too much openin' and closin'?) so I found 'em a new home:

Remember my shelf a couple of weeks ago?  And how I told you it was always subject to change?  Well... it did. Shortly after.

It looked so wimpy in the photos that I had to beef it up!!!  What's a girl to do but break out her secret (sssshhhhh) stash of flashing underneath the tractor tire that's propped on cinder blocks?  We will discuss my love of all things galvanized and metal at a later date (and we will NOT discuss the dead tires and cinder blocks) 'cause this is not the only flashing that takes center stage in the single-wide!

Isn't it cool how the extra, non-opening locker doors walked on in to the living room?  Not only is the 12' (I just THOUGHT it was 10'!) of flashing magnetic, but so are the doors... add some magnetic clips and I've got a revolving photo wall!  Yeeee HAW!

Too bad I beat you to the lockers... perhaps you will have better luck on Saturday beatin' me to the good stuff at Primitiques?  No - I didn't say "beat" me, I said "beatin' me" - as in... be there or I'll lock you up.  Or, I hope to see you there, opening the door... or... something as equally punny.

Whatcha' been doin' today? Are you on your way to help me label some doors? *big cheesy innocent eyelash battin' grin goes here*

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
:-D  robelyn
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