Monday, June 28

Vintage Bella Studio

Dutch Peonies are Pink,
Velvet Strawberries are Blue.
My burlap vase is PERFECT,
To hold a vintage mason jar - the perfect shade of Blue!

All tied up with ribbons and bow,
Ruffles and a pretty blue feather too!
What a perfect vase - and fun to show,
AND my first velvet strawberry - so pretty and blue(did I say that already?)

Complete with vintage photo,
A few buttons too...
Winning Vintage Bella Studio's giveaway was like winning the lotto,
Andrea, THANK YOU!!!

Andrea's blog (Vintage Bella Studio) is one of my fa.vo.rite spots-o'-beauty!  To quote her: "I love seeing the beauty in all things new and old...", and now I have a little piece of gorgeousness straight from her Studio!  Have you met her yet?  If not, you have to go meet this creator of fantastical fun stuff, you'll be so glad you did!!!

I think I'll hang my gorgeous burlap vase full of pretty, fresh, smell-SOOOOOOOOOOOO-good peonies in my "la.bor.a.tor.y" tonight as I create great things for "the red.neck Taj Mahal" with all the good schtuff I picked up over the last three days!  How was your week-end - did you find great junk and fun stuff at sales, auctions or flea markets?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... hee-hee
;-D  robelyn

Thank You Andrea!!!
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