Wednesday, September 22

gonna miss me?

(nah, not really... I just wanted to show you my red.neck Uncle on the coolest John Deere tractor... but - you never know what I might drive to Warrenton... I AM a red.neck heading in to the cow pastures...)

I will CERTAINLY miss you! Well... unless I see you in the cow pastures - then you'll hope I'm missing you with my duct tape missiles (or tractor tires)!

I have waved my magic duct tape roll all over the place - and if I even looked at something ANYTHING it got:

added to it, or it got...

to something really cool, or it got...


(Is that even a word?  "hardwared"... hmmm....)

(would you ever guess that's a horse's tushy?  uh huh... red.neck I tell ya!)

I can't tell you how many different colors of spray paint I have on my fingers... or how many fumes I may have inhaled........


where was I?

Oh YEAH!  I'm gettin' ready to head out to Zapp!  Gonna come see me?  I think you should. Here you go - I'll even give you directions:

Just follow the duct tape trail!!!  You won't be able to miss "the Mindy" and I... I do so solemnly swear! (prol'ly not so solemnly... but still. I promise?!)

so I'm gonna walk right outta here... but no worries - I'll keep you updated - it might be slow...
wifi + miles of cow pastures = sporadic blogging.

But a whole lotta fun!!!  See ya soon! Oh!  And don't forget to Vote and Win HERE so I can send you a hat and a pocketbook!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wonderin'... how long would it take on a tractor to get to Zapp Hall do you think?) hee-hee
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