Tuesday, September 21


my living room looked like THIS right now I wouldn't be sewin'...

(i'd probably be wonderin' when the single-wide got so clean (and who painted the walls white)... I don't think it's ever been THIS clean (just keepin' it real. LOL))

... I would be sitting on that couch with my feet up. Instead my living room looks like a purse shaped hand grenade landed and went off... then another one followed... and another one. I still have to price, pack, price some more, pack some more... AUGH!

Don't forget to Vote and Win HERE! You KNOW you'll look sew cute in that hat carryin' that pocketbook!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I sewed a pocket in upside down last night... I think my brain has already left for Warrenton...) hee-hee
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