Wednesday, August 11


To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else. ~ Emily Dickinson

exceptin'... I gotta find those wee tee tiny hours of the morning to get BIZZZZZY!!! The count-down is ON!!! First up?

and I'm gonna be there!!! "the Mindy" has invited my duct tape roll in on her CRAZY EXCITEMENT and I get to wander in with some pocketbooks, hats and a few other goodies that you'll just have to go see!!! My toe-tappin' on her behalf is driving even myself crazy - this is going to be so much FUN grinning and mason jar'n with her as she starts a new chapter with her business!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeee HA!

THEN! Shortly after THAT:

My duct tape will be rolled out in all it's glory at Zapp Hall (aka: a red.neck's paradise...)!  I'm in cahoots (once again!) with "the Mindy" of "The Primitique" and we're going to be wreaking some SERIOUS havoc together in Warrenton! (yep - that was your warning... hee-hee)... what color antler chandelier do you think I should surprise her with?  hmmmmm......

I'm thinking this pile needs to grow... and grow some more... and grow some MORE!!!  Sew - I'm gonna leave you for a few days (no worries - I'll be keepin' my eye on you and you and YOU through my duct tape roll) but you understand, right? Pocketbooks to make... hats to be stylin'... all KINDS of cool and fun creations rattlin' 'round in my brain!!!  I'll keep you posted on my progress - 'til then - try your best to stay out of trouble and have some HAPPY JUNKIN' ADVENTURES!!!

But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day. ~Benjamin Disraeli

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm buried up to my freckled nose in fabric and fun stuff!)... hee-hee

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