Tuesday, October 5

Are arranged marriages legal?

'cause I have the Resident Teen...

and NOW I have my future Daughter-in-Law all picked out.  Neither of them know it...

yet. (bwoooohahahaha)

Won't they be adorable?!  I have my wedding planner duct tape on. yeeeeeeeHA!

I met Miss Kacie in Warrenton.  She brought her cute little self (along with her Mother - who is just as cute and fun!)

to meet me - and I am SO glad that she did!  Did I mention that I either A. Wanted to adopt her immediately (that got vetoed 'cause her Mom already has dibs on her and I liked her Mom so I couldn't break her Mother heart) or B. Need to marry her off to the Resident Teen so I can call her my daughter.

Kacie is:


She wears lots of SHINY BLINGY things! (Fer Sher sign she needs to be my daughter, right?!)

SOOOOO fun to get to meet and talk to - she's incredibly smart, motivated - and just downright a BLAST!!!

And did I mention crazy talented?  Crazy talented.  You should go meet Kacie for yourself - but don't forget - she's marrying the Resident Teen as soon as he's graduated from college (after he graduates from High School... well, after he learns to drive)....

just congratulate her now, m'kay?

If you're in "the hood" you can find her at:
92 South Austin
Rockport, TX  78382

If not - you should just go read her blog... she'll leave you giggling uncontrollably.

So - now you know - last week while playing in the cow pasture I managed to meet my future Daughter-In-Law while others were just reveling in the vast amount of junk vintage treasures...

and I know she has GREAT taste 'cause see that necklace she's wearing?  You'll never guess who she got it from... and who else I met... and who I'm moving to Texas as soon as I can figure out how to get her transported from Jersey... or I'm moving to Jersey... or I wonder what's in the middle?  hmmmm....

Uhmm... ARE arranged marriages legal? LOL I'm gonna call her Mama. Right now.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (Where I'm checking bridal shoes off my list 'cause Kacie can even paint her own wedding boots!)... hee-hee
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