Friday, October 8

gypsies, fish and rednecks...

Do they let red.necks in to Jersey?

I'm-a promisin' you I will find out someday...

'cause we sho 'nuff let the Jersey girls in to red.neck-ville!!! I'm STILL doing the happy red.neck dance 'cause I met two of my favorites:


and Beth

at Theresa's Blog Party!  I have obsessively blog-stalked Jill for more than a year - and she is JUST AS BEAUTIFUL in PERSON as she is on her blog!!!

 Three of my FAVES!  Jill - MALisa and the Trash Talkin' Diva HERSELF - Debbie!

(I think this is right after I told Jill I was moving her and her family to Texas.... hmmmm....)

 And Beth - Gypsy Fish CUTEness!

I know, I know... you're jealous - but just wait! I also got to bring two of Jill's beautimost China necklaces home to the single-wide as well as drool (and stand with bulging eyes) as I admired her creative greatness!  Wanna see?

(This was ALL at the blog party - I had the HARDEST time making decisions!!!) But that's okay - 'cause I can still shop at Jill's:

NOT ONLY THAT!!! (Do you feel like you're on the Price-Is-Right?  C'mon down... LOL!) I am currently sportin' one of Beth's necklaces... before Anthropologie got them all!

You have to go read her story!!!

And LOOK at the bottles!  I think they would look great all lined up in the single-wide...

... or, I wonder if Beth would notice me lurking around in her studio?

I'm telling you... for me - it was a star-struckt week (plus some days...) 'cause yep - you guessed it - I duct taped even MORE greatness!

While you're still waitin' around on me to finish chattering incessantly about my cow pasture adventures - you really should go see Jill 'cause she did some star-gazin' of her own... and is sharing the fun with YOU!

 Oh yeah.... SO worth your trip over (maybe across a cow pasture or two) to Jersey!

See ya when you get back!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where Bob Barker is reminding you to help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or netured, good-bye everybody!)...hee-hee
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