Tuesday, October 26


Mr. Flannery has struck again...

He made me open the Restoration Hardware catalog. (Again, what were you thinking?)

Last night I opened the catalog and was instantly awakened from my "i should be sleeping right now" stupor and emptied my piggy bank to see how many pennies I have saved.  I. WANT. THIS. CHAIR.

Turns out I don't have enough pennies (donations are currently being accepted...) but I DO have:

which... I'm all over the turquoise velvet - but am not a fan of the lines - or wood color - or... well, anything past the turquoise velvet (but it does make a great photo prop, right? ha!).  It's been sitting in my bedroom (that is not my bedroom) for about a year covered in pocketbooks. (Imagine that...)

What do you think?  I would skip the leather of the RH chair and leave the turquoise velvet. Does it look like it could support some "aluminum siding"? And... if so... how the heck do I do it?

The suggestion box is now open. And Mr. Flannery... geesh - you gotta quit inspiring me... 

(but he's watching - 'cause it's one of his favorites in the catalog too!)

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... hee-hee
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