Thursday, October 28

batta, batta, touch-down

I decided to join the State of Texas last night by tuning in to the World Series to watch the Rangers.

I had my Superbowl attire on of jammy pants and shirt with a happy monkey soccer player sportin' the number "3". I had my phone in hand so I could get answers to any and all questions I had about this sport called:

Me: "It's very hard to make it to the home base!  I never realized that!"

Response: "Yes it IS!!! Each base is 90 feet from the other..."
While I processed THAT information... two things occurred to me.
1.  That's a lot of feet and I am worn out just thinking about it.
2. How do they decide who comes out of pit row first?

Then I heard it... "du du du du du duuuuuuuuuuuum"

Me: "I wanna play the organ"

Me: "How do they know when to swing and when not to?  I'd so stink at this game."

Response:  "The batter has to know the strike zone... Horizontally, the ball has to cross over home plate... if it misses inside/outside, it's a ball... in addition to the pitching needing to be over the plate, the pitch needs to be at least knee-high and no higher than the batter's chest..."
I don't understand... I thought a strike was when all of the pins fell... and a miss was if the ball went in the gutter?

Me: "I'd be the one just happily swinging at all the balls coming my way. I would be so confused if I had to play baseball."

Me: "What is an RBI?"

Response: "RBI = Run Batted In... a batter got a hit that allowed a base runner to score..."

Me: "Ah!  Why do they get to walk?"

Response: "Maybe the batter hit a home run... The ball went over the fence, so they don't have to run..."

One time I went to a baseball game in Houston at the Minute Maid Stadium.  It was SO cool how the roof opened up during the game!  A plane flew over... a bird flew IN... and I watched the clouds drift by - THEN when evening arrived I watched for falling stars!  It was so much more interesting than watching the football players slam dunk in to goalies with rackets on the green triangle down below... I think Ol' Miss was playing the Detroit Red Wings or something.

Me: "I still want to play the big organ in the baseball field"

I made a really cute hat while the Rangers were playing the Miami Dolphins at the hockey game last night.  How's the baseball thing going for you? Are you watching the World Series?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wondering if they sell hot dogs at the horse arena...) hee-hee
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