Saturday, October 9

We Buy and Sell Junk

Sometimes the duct tape mobile dances along to the theme song from Sanford and Son.

... I now have enough (in the back of the duct tape mobile... and surrounding area) to do a pretty good re-set in the Taj Mahal tomorrow (will I see you there?)... 'cause it's been a darn good junkin' week! (I will refrain from telling you right now - this moment - that this isn't even all of it... a few trips had already been made in and out of the single-wide before it occurred to me that really... you should be sharing in my insanity... but never would I admit to the unseen 3.5 trips in and out...)

How's your treasure hunt going?  Did you find fun stuff today?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wonderin'... doesn't everyone carry around cast iron horses in the back of their ride? Wait 'til you see him in his full glory...) hee-hee

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