Saturday, November 20

diamonds and pearls...

I know that diamonds are a girls best friend and all that...

But I have never been a diamond girl. (It's okay - I'll allow you a moment of stunned shock...) They just seem so cold - no story to tell!

Vintage rhinestones?  Oh - MOST DEFINITELY! The more the merrier!

Pearls and more pearls and more pearls - you betcha' - I wear 'em all the time!

Rings out of the bubble gum machine? They are the equivalent of duct tape in my opinion... bring 'em on!

But this ring makes me re-think my "I'm on diamond strike" thoughts. Heck - most of the rings over at  Specimental Design are just total drool worthy!

I found Specimental Design through Poppytalk... she's having a Holiday giveaway over there (I can't believe I'm sharing that info with you.... I WANT this turquoise ring!!!) - but, 'cause you are so special to me... you should go enterOr not... I WANT this turquoise ring!!! In the meantime (while I'm waiting to hear the grand news that I have won the turquoise ring) this diamond ring could be my new best friend...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm just awed by some of the sheer talent that can be found on Etsy... and I'm also wonderin' how to convince Santy Claws that this ring should really be the first thing on my list... and that I was good all year long (Yikes!)...) hee-hee
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