Thursday, November 18

growing happy daisies...

Sew - remember Tuesday's sweater?  Ah.... I've got one better!
(And! I'm a poet and didn't know it...)

Here's what you do, in short review,
sew that you can have your own sweater renewed!
Okay, seriously, I'm done being Dr. Seuss... I promise.

Find two sweaters that sorta match,
sew that you can crosspatch and attach.
(oh - oops - no, I wasn't done with the whole Seuss thing... my fingers musta been crossed...)

I did a happy daisy pattern, but you could go nuts with any design that pops out of your brain! Just cut it out of "heat-n-bond" - that stuff makes magic happen... I swear!

Iron it to your accent sweater and cut out your flowers!

Take all of your flowers and lay them where you want them on your "this is going to be my new favorite sweater"...

Then! After you iron your flowers on, meander over to your sewing machine... or - grab a needle and thread!

I stitched (and not very straight... because that's the way I roll...) about 1/4" in so that when I wash this baby the edges of the flowers will fray slightly - but I also thought it would be CRAZY cute with a whip-stitch all the way around!  'Cept I don't do that well... so a straight stitch it is.

Cut some more heat-n-bond in to circles - iron 'em to your accent sweater - cut and...

Easy, right?

I wore the latest and greatest all day yesterday... and while I was creating it in the la.bor.a.tor.y I couldn't seam to stop myself so I added just one. more. flower.

There you have it!
Happy Daisy Growin' 101... perfect for tomorrow's outfit!
Cuteness - you have to admit!
No... I'm not a nitwit! Okay, well... maybe... but you know that's what you love about me...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm hoping these directions made sense 'cause I know how I did it - I just don't know how to tell YOU how I did it... Mr. Flannery says it's 'cause I talk with my hands and you can't see that.... hmmm....) hee-hee
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